Monday, June 13, 2005

3rd of April 2004, First Approach on Ultreya

This was this first time I've written about Ultreya on Mars Forum:

In the answer to the question: ?Was Gusev Crater filled with water for a long period of time, forming an inner sea or lake?? I feel compelled, with my practically inexistent knowledge for the task, to say yes.
And why?I?m certainly nothing more than a curious in the matter.Since the landing of the MER Spirit one feature caught my attention, a darker region in the Columbia Hills, which, to make easier to identify, I named Ultreya Abyss [Ultreya means ?ahead? and is an expression used for medieval and today?s pilgrims on their way to Compostela [Field of Stars] in Galicia, as a pilgrim I can refuse the similarity between Spirit and Opportunity all of those leaving their homes to face an unknown world but all filled with illusion and joy.]. As Spirit?s approached the hills I?ve tried to approach the best I could to the feature and I focused on one idea: If Gusev had water what would have been he role of Ultreya in that environment?First of all I believe it is a crater created by an NW to SE impact.Then I went to the bathroom and when I was taking a pee [?!] something caught my attention: the path followed by the liquid in the toilette inclination: it reached the wall, made a spiral from the hit spot to right and then to left and finally down the drain?Sounds silly?Something hit me?What if the Ultreya Abyss worked has the toilette?If it did there must be a path leading to the crater and another one to drain the water out, not down the toilette but back to the supposed Gusev Lake.Checking the available images I could say it seems like this to me, those canals or sea arms are there.I have no scientific habilitations to support what I mean to say, so, I?ll reduce myself to what it appearances.It appears to me have been like this. The Ultreya Abyss was, for millions of years escavated by flowing water and, in my opinion has a minimum 100mts deep, and, has consequence of this movement sediments were deposited there in huge quantities.Resuming, Gusev was in fact a lake with tides, and the Ultreya Abyss worked as a crossroad of those waters, like a heart, receiving and releasing the waters, that at a time, entered the crater coming from the MA?Adim Valley.
Corrections and critics are more than welcome.
With consideration
Lisboa, April 3rd, 2004'

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