Monday, June 13, 2005


Mr. Squyres update on the 9th of June...

'If you've been reading these pages, you'll note that I haven't said yet where we're going after Methuselah. I wasn't playing games... the reality was that we hadn't decided. It's a much tougher call than you might think, because there are some very interesting outcrops down in Tennessee Valley, and some really good-looking stuff on the far wall of the valley. But after a lot of thought we have finally decided, and the decision is to head up Husband Hill. We're not going to try a frontal assault this time. Instead, we're going to spiral up and to the right, working both upslope and also cross-slope simultaneously. Whether we'll actually reach the summit is an open question at this point. But we're convinced that the route we've chosen offers the quickest path to a view of whatever's on the south side of the hill... and that's what we want to see next. '

We're going up!


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